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Welcome to Club Nihon Simulation. If you are new to this site, please check out the Introduction page. This site is mainly about wargames or simulation games produced in Japan. If you have any question please email me by clicking on the Comment button . Thanks for coming and enjoy your stay.

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Grand Opening of Club Nihon Simulation!!

After hacking code for sometime, this site is finally up and running. Since in the mean time, I can only provide information on the games I have, and a large part of my Japanese wargames collection (17 games total, with 15 SF and Anime games) are mainly Sci-Fi Anime games, therefore the historical game portion is not open yet. Only the SF Anime games portion has information on those games that I have. If you have interesting information to share to the wargaming community about Japanese wargames, please email me. I will try to update this site once a week, if enough imformation comes by. So feel free to send me any corrections, comments or new information. Also please help spread the words and news to anybody who are interested in Japanese wargames. Thanks and come by often.

Help Needed: I do need some help in translating into English, the rules of some of those wargames that I have ( my Japanese is very minimal, as I can only understand a little bit of it). If you are interested in helping, please email me. Thanks.
Created September 25, 2000