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NOTE: This portion of the site is not available yet, I have not post any information on the historical games that I have here yet. I will wait after several updates and see if more information is available. The buttons on the left is not active yet

Historical Simulation Games

One of the main difference between an American produced game and a Japanese produced game is it's artwork and physical quality. Japanese games usually have a wonderful box art cover, mounted maps and colorful counters. Even Japanese licensed translation production games of American titles have better graphics and box art then the original. I will post some pictures (as I see them in auctions) of these translation games for comparision later if available.

A while back during the 80s, several wargame companies have import Japanese wargames into the States, and they have provide English translation of the rules for those games. My historical collection are those translated into English games - Pacific Fleet and Battleship Yamato, I will scan in the translated rules and post them up later.

As for the design elements on Japanese games, I have yet to find out - since I have not personally play them I have no idea right now. If you are interested in helping me to play some of these games, please email me for more information. As replays are available, I will post them here. And also in the Players area.

The historical games are sorted by company.

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