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Gundam Anime Links

Gundam Project: Definite Gundam Site on the Web
Gundam Com: Good Site about Gundam

Wargames Links

Web-Grognards: Lot of Wargames info
Consim World: A virtual board for All Wargamers
Wargamer: Wargames site for Computer Wargames

WarGeneral's Personal Page

Welcome to my Personal Page.

My name is Kenneth and I am your host for this visit. I am a Software Developer working in a nice little company. I also have a nice little family with my wife and two kids.

My general interest is Wargaming, Anime and Computer Programming. You are going to find much more information on Wargaming and Gundam at this place.

Feel Free to check out the Gundam links and the Wargame links on the left side of my page. They are my favorate and will provide much much more info on certain subjects.

Also you can drop me an email if you have any comments and suggestions.


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