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Producer:Tsukuda Hobby
Series Number:SF Series-44
Number of Counters:156
Number of Maps:6 Mounted
Scale:Tactical (1 unit = 1 MS)
Year Produced:1985
Other Components:12 Data cards, Turn Record Sheets, Charts and Tables, Rules and Dice.


This game is base on the first part of Z Gundam Anime Series. Titans, AEUG, and Gate of Zedan are in the same series of games, with Titans being the first in the series and represents the space battle portion of Z Gundam. AEUG has the rules for the ground and air combat and Gate of Zedan is the expansion for both Titans and AEUG adding rules, more machines and scenarios to encompass the whole Z Gundam series.

Since I do not have Side One and Core 3 (both base on the ZZ Gundam), I do not know if this series expand into ZZ Gundam or not.

About the Game

The rules of Titans is very simular to Gundam History. Since the rules have not been translated yet, therefore I do not know for sure if they are the same or related. But base on comparing some sections and looking at the diagrams, I can say they are very alike. I have to wait until both Gundam History and this series being translated before I can make any conclusion. Both this series and Gundam History are design by the same designer. Like Gundam History this game is also very detail.

Ruleswise, the game cover 3D space combat with vector movements. Fuel storage is also calculated on each individual thruster, if the unit ran out of fuel on a thruster, the suits/machines can no longer perform certain maneuver.

The combat system is also very detailed. Each machine has different location/parts, and has their own location table to row on. The locations/parts are rated for their armor and points of damage that they can take. If a location/part is taken out by the enemy, the performance of the suits/machine will be affected, and it will not be able to perform certain function.

Each unit has their list of weaponary, each weapon is rated on their damage and penetration. Certain weapons (usually beam weapons) is affected by range and thus has a table of reduced damage effects.

Pilot performance is also modeled, with increase ability to hit or evade being shot at.

Although all things look good gamewise, I am a bit disapointed by the limited number of machines/suits available for play. The game only contains 12 individual suits with is far less than I expected. It also does not include the data of Z Gundam, thus without the expansion Gate of Zedan it is not that interesting.


It is interesting to see that the physical quality of Japanese games has decreased over the years. Compared to the first several games that Tsukuda released, Titans uses a much lighter/thinner mounted mapboards. The counters art are good, but the counters do not have the grossy cover it used to have on the first several release. The counters are flat much like SPI style.

The six mapboards are all star background maps, since it is a space battle game. I will try to include some map scans and counter scans at later update.


Overall, I don't think this game worth the ¥4,000 price range. Because it contains only half the MS in Z Gundam. Gamewise, I have yet to see, until the rules are being translated.

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