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Links to other Sites

Here are links of interesting sites that provide more information on:


  • Web-Grognards - The most comprehensive site on wargaming. Include all aspect of wargaming . Also have info for beginners and how to start wargaming as a hobby. Have information on almost every wargames ever produced. I usually do my research there, if I want specific information on certain game titles. Include errata and updates on games etc. A very very good site.

  • Consim World - This is another good site, which provide news on simulation games, game companies and what they have just produced. The major difference between this and Web-Grognards is it has a discussion board, which all major wargamers, designers and game publisher meet and post messages and discussion on major issues and whatever it is about wargames. A must visit site for wargamers.


  • Gundam Project - The ultimate Gundam site, you can learn about anything on Gundam by visiting this site. Includes anything on Gundam ever produced and a whole bunch of information about the Gundam world. Must visit if you want to know about Gundam. A very very good site.
  • Gundam.Com - Another good site about Gundam. It features Fan Art gallery, Gundam Models Art gallery and a whole lot of information about Gundam. Must visit if you are a Gundam fan.
  • Newtype Asylum - A mainly Gundam Model kits site, but has two web pages on Gundam simulation games. Include alot of stuffs on Gundam model kits, reviews etc. If you want to check out the Gundam Simulation games pages, go to Gundamania page and then under the Merchandise and Stuffs category there are two pages: Fortess - a war simulation Game and Gundam Simulation - a Board Game respectively. I have fortress in my procession and will review it in this site also. As to the "Gundam Simulation" game, it is a simple game aimed for beginners and include minuatures.

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