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Gate of Zedan

Producer:Tsukuda Hobby
Series Number:SF Series-50
Number of Counters:Unknown??
Number of Maps:Nil
Year Produced:1986
Other Components:34 Data cards, and Rules.


This expansion came to me as a surprise. What happened is I brought Titans, AEUG and Dakar from the same seller who listed them in seperate auctions, I am lucky enough that I win all three games together (if you have been to online auctions, you know what I mean, it is hard to win several auctions from the same seller). When the games arrived and during a detail check through of those games (I usually count the counters and double check if all the pieces are there), I find the Gate of Zedan rules, data cards and counters in Titans. Actually, the data cards and counters are scattered between Titans and AEUG. Plus the counters between the above two games are kind of mixed up too. If I am not that lucky to win both games, I will be missing some parts on the games and this Gate of Zedan.

So Gate of Zedan comes for free, but it is not with it's price - as I go through the data cards of Gate, I found out that card #18 is missing, also since the counters are mixed up, I have no idea how many counters Gate came with. Only Titans have a counter manifest, thus I am able to sort out the counters of Titans, but not AEUG and Gate. As I checked the counters with Gate's data cards (just to see if all the types are there), it do match that of the ones on the cards plus one or two extra, which I assumed maybe the one which the missing data card represented, so I am not complaining. If you do know more information on the subject please contact me.

About the Game

This is an expansion kit for both Titans and AEUG, it adds counters, data cards and rules for those new units to the above two games. And it completed the units, so all the machines in Z Gundam will be present in the games.

The rules also is a compilation of the two games plus some extra to accommodate for the new units. So that owners of one game only can still enjoy this expansion.


This is a good expansion set to get, as it completes the whole series, but this expansion is hard to find in the used game market, either it is because players seldom buy them seperately and they include this in all their Titans or AEUG game or the production of this expansion is very limited. It is hard to know right now, but sure I am grad that I have this for free.

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