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If you have any knowledge of Japanese pop culture, you will know that Japanese animation or cartoon (usually called "Anime" by the Japanese and American fans) is a big thing in Japan. Anime shows are their favoriate prime-time TV shows in the evening. With several slots of show time assigned to Anime each weekday, the variety of the themes are very board (from sit-com to comedy to sci-fi action), it is no wonder that alot of simulation board games are based on those shows.

Since I am a Gundam show fan, the majority of my Japanese Sci-fi wargames collection are Gundam wargames. Therefore I have divide this topic into two sub topic, Gundam wargames and Other Sci-Fi wargames. Please visit them as you see fit.

As this site grow and more information are available, I will revise the organziaton as needed. Enjoy.

Help Needed: I do need some help in translating into English, the rules of some of those wargames that I have ( my Japanese is very minimal, as I can only understand a little bit of it). If you are interested in helping, please email me. Thanks.

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