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S.F.3.D. Original
Hobby Japan

IDEON - Space Runaway
Tsukuda Hobby

Round Vernian - Vifam
Tsukuda Hobby

Urusei Yatsura - Food Scuffle at School
Tsukuda Hobby

Bandai if series

Other Science Fiction Games

The Japanese are very fond of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Beside Gundam wargames, alot of simulation games, base on other Anime series, Science Fiction books, TV series, scale model kits design, comic books (called "manga" in Japan) or even American famous movies (like Star Trek and Star Wars) were being produced.

My collection of games in this category is very limited, I will include more info as fitted later on.

If you are interested in helping me translating any of those games or are interested in playing them, please email me.

On the left is a list of Science Fiction/Anime (non-Gundam) simulation games that I have. Click on the picture to go to their respective page.

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